The Turtly Race

This vinyl toy project is really dear to my heart, it all started end of 2012 in Taiwan after finishing a collaboration project with one of my fav artist from Brasil. I had so much fun that I felt I should collaborate with more artists that I love, the problem was… there was so many of them that I didn’t know which one to ask first. so I thought why don’t I make a toy series with all of them. I had in mind to gather each from a different country to make it an international art toy project, of course it was kind of a crazy idea since I didn’t know if anyone would even want to be part of it. But after asking and asking I finally managed to gather the following Toy designers.

Artists Logo

Hollow Threat ( Paul Shih ) from New-Zealand

El Grand Chamaco from Mexico

TADO ( Mike & Katie ) from United Kingdom

Devilrobots from Japan

Kennyswork ( kenny wong ) from Hong Kong

Charuca from Spain

Monster Little ( Ziqi Wu ) from Singapore

Then sketches started flying around

the Turtly Race Concept Sketches

and after we settled on the characters, I wanted to unify the design to make it feel as they all belonged to the same universe. So in order to reflect that I drew new sketches with the same principals.

The Turtly race sketches

As for the colors I wanted each character to have they own and distinct color atmosphere, so they would appear as one colourful Toy collection and hopefully would look great when put together, as you can see in the vector illustration below.

Turtly Race Vectors

Subsequently I had to turn all of those cute guys into 3D models, I used Zbrush to sculpt each model making sure to keep the original feeling behind each character.

International collaboration Vinyl Art Toys

After few many tweaks and the approval of everyone, I went on to make 3D renders and compiled everything into a Kickstarter video with some 360 turnaround and vector animation, hell I even made the music myself.

But in order to make this Vinyl Toy collection come to life we really need your help, so please check out our Kickstarter page and help us out to turn this project into reality.

*Update: unfortunately this project has failed to raise enough money therefore no toys will be produced. a big thanks goes out to the 32 backers that believed in us.

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