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QuailStudio is a self-taught International Toy Artist working as a single person do it all Studio, since he was a kid his love for rounded bold cute and colorful design evolved to become the main focus of his design Style. QuailStudio loves to draw ideas from his childhood and stories from the people around him, he also has a really big appetite for knowledge which pushes him to explore unknown territories, trying to open his mind as much as possible. You can find him at Designer Toy Conventions around the world.

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  1. Hi QuailStudio,

    We met at ToyCon in York hall a few weeks ago, and we were chatting about a project for Kids Company.
    I have your card and wanted to send you some more info but your email doesn’t seem to work.
    Can you get in touch?


  2. Hi,

    I would like to talk with you about doing business together,
    could you please give me a personal email address.


  3. Hi ! I just want to ask you about the size of T-shirt. I confuse about 40″ wide. That you mean around waist ? because I want to buy a T-shirt to give for my friend. So thats why I want to measure exactly for her. And how many day to ship to the U.S ? Let me know, please. Thank you so much

  4. Hi I just ordered a T-shirt to London and I was wondering how long the shipping would take please?
    Thank you!

  5. Hi,
    I found your website on instagram and love the Chicago Cowly T-Shirt / Jersey.
    I was wondering if you ship to the United States? Also, is the shirt in Women’s sizes, men’s, children’s?

    Thanks so much.

    1. Hey Alison,

      I ship worldwide so USA is not a problem (^__^) the Jersey comes in standard size, I do not have special size for girls since those Jersey are meant to be wear more in baggy style, my girlfriend wear a M size and she loves it. Also I am planning to print some for children too, will let you know when you can purchase them.

  6. I’d really really like a naked Cowly when do they come out. Can I put an order in for one!!!!!!

    1. Cowly Toy is coming out this monday, so check back my online store tomorrow to make sure to grab one, there is a limited amount of first edition Cowly.

  7. Bonjour! Very cool designs!
    Your Uncle Emanuel is right, he said you are very talented.
    I’m exited about seeing you at the toy show in July. A bientôt :0)

  8. hello: love, love, love cowly. do you ship the tee of cowly international (USA)? thank you!

    1. hey Shannon,

      so Happy you love Cowly, she has a very special spot into my heart. (^__^)
      sure I ship internationally ( USA including ) if your order now I can ship today,
      I will go to the post office in a little while.

      thank you

  9. I LOVE COWLY!!!! WANT TOY WHEN AVAILABLES 🙂 especially the Milka Cowly!!! 🙂
    keep making awesomeness!!!!
    lots of loves xxxxxx

    1. Thank you very much Jimmy, Nice to have so much enthusiasm behind Cowly.
      I will release the first original Cowly Vinyl Toy this July during Taipei Toy Festival,
      I will be more than happy to make a special Milka custom just for Ya. (^__^)

      1. OH MY GOSH!!!! i will actually buy all your toys so no1 else can have any! really love milka love.
        i need it in my life.
        wake up and see it on my shelf. make me sooooo happy 🙂
        i shall be watching you and following your everymove. 1st minute purchase :p haha.

          1. me 2!!!!!!!!

            Hey, tu te souviens de moi?????

            on t’avait pris en auto-stop…..

            j’voulais juste dire que j’acheterais bien les cowlys

            squelette, milka et original….. combien ca ferait????

            et puis, je me demandais pour le cowly dore que tu

            m’avais montre……

            salut!!!! (de colombie)

  10. Hi. Love your work. Just wondering if you could make a Katy Perry style person.
    I think that would look really cool.
    If you do, post it on your instagram account and tag me to it. @pudincup69

  11. I love them all, but the shoe turtle is my favorite so far.

    It makes me feel good! Thank you. I hope to learn from you.

    Becky ~~ Send me a mamoozlegram anytime!

  12. Hi, just wanted to know if you sold the toys, and a bit more information on how you digitally scult the characters?
    Please email me,

    1. Hey Melody,

      so sorry for late reply, unfortunately I do no sell Vinyl Toys at the moment but I will be releasing my first ever Vinyl Toy Cowly, this summer during Taipei Toy festival, you will then be able to purchase it directly from my website.

      When I work on my Toys I sculpt them digitally using Zbrush, I then render them in Maxwell Studio, and finally use Photoshop for final composition. Hope that answered your question.

      thanks for your comment


  13. hello,

    I am a graffiti artist from Barcelona, ​​and would be interested in toys that you could recreate the logo in use, it would be possible?
    I leave my facebook page. Thank you.

  14. I’m not making any toys 🙁 but im 18 and I have hundreds of drawings of characters that could be made into toys
    🙂 just thought I’d let you know if you’d be interested in them as I love your style

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