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Ghost Cowly resin toy

Hey everyone, as some of you may have noticed on instagram I have been busy working on a new handmade resin toy for Halloween. I was only 13 when I first worked with resin and silicone but it was solely on Architectural models, I neither had the time nor the equipment […]

The Turtly Race

This vinyl toy project is really dear to my heart, it all started end of 2012 in Taiwan after finishing a collaboration project with one of my fav artist from Brasil. I had so much fun that I felt I should collaborate with more artists that I love, the problem […]

Montbéliarde Cowly Custom Toy

Montbeliarde Cowly

Hey everyone, Here we go again for a new release of 5 hand painted limited pieces, The “Montbéliarde Cowly” like her name indicates was inspired by the Montbéliarde cows that are used to produce milk in most part of France. As a kid those were the animals I saw the most, […]