Montbéliarde Cowly Custom Toy

Hey everyone, Here we go again for a new release of 5 hand painted limited pieces, The "Montbéliarde Cowly" like her name indicates was inspired by the Montbéliarde cows that are used to produce milk in most part of France. As a kid those were the animals I saw the most, especially since my cousins were farmers. One cow in particular by the name "Vrius" was the inspiration behind my original Cowly character, and with that in mind I always thought it would be good idea to give her a little more recognition by making a custom Cowly closer to her color shade. This custom is made out of Vinyl and Resin, it comes in a beautiful laser engraved wooden box, with custom foam insert, she also come with two handmade set of magnetic accessories. The Montbéliarde Cowly is now available in my online store,they are limited to 4 pieces only.

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