Elisa Sassi x QuailStudio

in May 2008 back when I was still living in England , on a random rainy day I was in a store browsing magazines, suddenly one with a really colorful cover got my attention, I loved the artwork and so I couldn't resist and had to buy it. Inside this issue of Digital Art magazine I learned that the artist that designed the cover was a Brazilian artist named Elisa Sassi, I also found a couple of really cool Artworks from her. It was my first time discovering her work, there was something so magical and whimsical about her design, it was simple, stylised surrounded by bold black stroke with bright and vivid colors yet at first glance it look like a mess of cute characters and rainbows but when looking closer you could feel a great harmony in shapes and colors, such appealing artworks that attracted  kids and adults alike. It really gave me the feeling it was executed with great and masterful sense of composition, it look right and good. I felt in love with her design, and at that moment and idea flourished in my mind and I told myself " one day when my skills achieve the same level as hers I want to collaborate with her".

it is now 2011 after few years of learning and practising new programs I felt happy with my artworks and the skills I had achieved,  few months agoI had downloaded a small program on my iPhone called Instagram not many people knew about it, the community was quite small, but somehow I randomly found Elisa Sassi on it, and just like me she was using instagram to showcase her work, I immediately commented on her artworks, and she did the same on mine, she really seemed to like my work, I felt so honoured just to know she liked it.  We started exchanging e-mails, and weeks later we had our first  Chat on Skype I was really nervous when talking to her,  to me it was like talking with a Super Star, but  turned out she was a simple and very nice person that quickly made me feel at ease. We started talking about collaboration works we could do together.  She introduced me to a toy project she had in mind for quite sometime, it was a series of 7 characters monster-like with each a little pet sleeping on them, she called them the Barbatonics. My first thought was, " what a fuck is this, this is weird !! " I think I was really deceived because I couldn't recognise her normal artistic style in the vector illustration she showed me, but somehow I couldn't stop to think about them in 3D, and I got really curious of what they would look like. And so I joined force with Elisa and started to  bring to life The Barbatonics . Now that I am sculpting them they are becoming like my babies, here is the first one I sculpted and rendered, His name is Michi, and I have to say, I really felt in love with this guy while making it, the other Barbatonics are in the works, you can see sketches and vector illustration of them by following me on instagram.

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