Cowly Anatomy ProtoV1.0

In 2008 while learning about human anatomy I started to ask myself, what if my Character “Cowly” was real, what would she be like on the inside, and so I started doodling a quick photoshop skeleton on top. Two years later I found the photoshop doodle in my computer and decided that my sculpting skills were good enough to start working on it, Once the digital sculpt was completed, I printed the first Prototype of this skeleton Cowly, eventually I had in mind to make it a clear resin piece untitled Cowly Anatomy, the only way to achieve this see-through Cowly toy was using a multimaterials 3D printer but unfortunately the cost for a small 3D printed production is still way too expensive so this was scrapped until a better way comes along. Please let me know your thoughts on this project by leaving a comment below.

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