Golden Cowly

I tend to be very stubborn and meticulous about my work and this piece is no exception. I made this Chinese New Year Edition of my Cowly not because it’s “Cool” or maybe “Trendy” to slam a Chinese character onto whatever, but because it really means something to me.  I have been living in Taiwan for almost 4 years needless to say Chinese culture was part of my everyday life. Every years I was invited by my friends to spend Chinese New year with their family. Also it turns out I was born the year of the Cow, which is pretty fortuitous for someone that mainly design Cow. For this release I wanted to have a custom laser engraved wood box, which were manufactured in Taiwan, and laser-engraved in France, with a custom foam insert custom built in France too. This edition is limited to 5 pieces worldwide, but only 4 are available to the public as one is kept for exhibition purpose. Each piece is sprayed and hand-painted by myself using acrylic paint, they are all numbered and coated with a transparent glossy varnish. I also added magnet inside, with two sets of handmade resin accessories. If You like them you can get yours here on my online store.

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